NYLSVLEY – 1 km from the Lodgesignboard
In years of high rainfall, as many as 80 000 migratory waterbirds congregate on the plain, where up to 400 species have been identified.

Of this number, 365 species have been identified in the reserve, which has RAMSAR status as an international conservation area.
Five bird hides are located in the reserve. ATTRACTIONS

600 Plant species
Rare Roan Antelope
72 Mammal species
85 Reptile species
16 Fish species
10 000+ Insect species including 72 of South Africa’s Dragonfly species
Gate opens at 06h00 and closes at 18h00
Vogelfontein (Nylsvley Nature Reserve) – to visit the 2 hides you need to get the code for the gate at the Reserve and then you can come and go as you please

Activities: Birdwatching, Game viewing, Hiking Trails, Picnic spot and braai facilities

More information is available on “Friends of Nylsvley” website: www.nylsvley.co.za